Coolest Crayon Set Group Costume

The four of us decided we wanted to do a group costume so we thought of making ourselves into crayons. We got the idea of using duct tape for this Crayon Set Group Costume from one of our friends so we made our dresses out of different color duct tapes. We put garbage bags under the ducktape so the tape didn’t stick to our skin and set up the tape to form a cute dress that we would be able to dance. The black squiggles on the top and bottom of the dress are also made of duct tape that we cut and carefully placed on ourselves. The writing is out of foam lettering that we bought at Walmart.

At end of the night we simply cut the dress off and threw it away. Probably the cutest costumes we saw all night. Nobody could believe it was duct tape.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Crayon Set Group Costume”

  1. Wow you look lovely in your crayola dresses and don’t you think that when you cut the dresses of at the end of the night you could have added a zip to the back to enable you to wear it again provided that it was cut of neatly.

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