Coolest Crayon Box Halloween Costume

I was lost this year on what to make my boy. I like top be different and I hate to spend money on a costume he will only wear once, so one day he was coloring and I decided he could be a crayon box Halloween costume!

It is a very easy costume to make. All you need is a cardboard box, finger or poster paint, and construction paper. I drew out the crayon box on the cardboard and just colored it in. It took maybe about 30 min.

Then I rolled up different colored construction paper and taped them to the box to look like the box was open. I used the blue for his head and colored him in making it look like he was the blue crayon that was sticking out!

He loved the costume and loved the fact that I didnt have to spend an arm and a leg to get him one. I spent around $8 making this costume!

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