Coolest Crayon Box Group Costume

For this Crayon Box Group Costume all we used was a large piece of silk material (in whatever colour you chose to be), black felt, party hats, a glue gun, and a sewing machine. We made sure the silk material would fit around us and hemmed it according to our body shape. Silk was a little difficult to work with but there are other materials you can use out there. We just liked how shiny it was.

We used the black felt for the ‘Crayola’ and squiggly lines on the top and bottom of our costumes. We just used hot glue to stick it on to the coloured material. We covered the party hats in the coloured material, using the hot glue gun again. The hardest part is making sure the dress is tight enough on top so it stays up but that just comes with trial and error.

The t-shirt for the guy was easy to whip up. We just used a coloured polo shirt and hot glued the black felt on. I think they turned out great! It’s a really fun group idea!

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