The shoes were cheap £6 white plimsoles.
Leggings were plain black. The sheet that was wrapped around was also plain white polyester. This fabric didn’t absorb the dye very well but I thought that added to the Crayola Crayon Costume. The pattern on the sheets was done by spray painting stencils onto the sheet. It was wrapped around and sown at the back.

The arms were black tights which we cut a hole in the crotch and the waist band would go over the chest. The gloves were white socks which I cut a hole in and sewed back together in the shape of a mitten.

The hat was made with card and then the extra material was wrapped and taped down. All the coloured items went through a wash with a washing machinable dye.

This was lots of fun to make and comments and looks you get as you walk through town are great!