Coolest Cousin Itt Costume

This is a Cousin Itt Costume that I had the idea for that my mom helped me make. First we got some hair colored discount fabric and a tan knit hat from the dollar store. Then we got some yarn that was close to the fabric color.

It took four 8 ounce skeins for a 4’10” person. We cut the yarn into pieces about 8′ long. The strands were attached to a doubled crocheted ribbon. We attached two strands folded in half to each double crochet stitch. We made three sets. We sewed the ribbon onto the fabric, that had been sewn to make a tube, leaving slits for arms.

We attached the strands onto the tube in tiers. We made a casing around the top of the tube and put a shoelace through so we could tighten it around my neck. Then we attached the rest of the yarn to the crown and brim of the hat in two tiers.

We got a plastic bowler hat from a party store and some dollar store black gloves. Then we added sunglasses. The total cost was about $15.