Coolest Corpse Bride Halloween Costume

I made there two costumes all by myself. Only the Emily’s blue hair was bought.

For the Emily’s dress I bought some old curtains (altogether 5$) and sewed them together. I used my old corset too. Then I drew the curls all over the dress with the clothing colour.

I bought white tights and coloured them in blue too. I used some first aid bandages too.
The facial colour is azzure blue eyeshadow. Flowers are plastic and very cheap.

Victor’s clothing is very simple, all found at home. Two shirts, my scarf and lower pajamas part.

The costs of this costume were like 10$ (without a wig). Instead of wig (if you’re blonde – I’m not) you can dye your hair with some coloured foam.

The crucial part of this Corpse Bride Halloween costume is make-up. I spent like two hours only putting my make-up on.

It was fun. I really like the Corpse Bride movie, and I was enjoying making this costume.