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Coolest Condom Wrapper Costume

Came up with this Condom Wrapper Costume out of cardboard from a tv box. I couldn’t find cheap hula hoops to make the ‘ridge’ part of the condom, so bought some cheap flexible plastic piping and taped it to the cardboard. Next, I glued a few rolls of silver cellophane, used to wrap gifts, and spray painted it with pretty purple. The Durex label and words were painted with t-shirt paint.

I didn’t have to tape the sides together, but I did tape/glue the top of the box before spray painting and left the bottom open to get into it. It was difficult to get into and out of, and it’s best of you’re a thin person. After I cut the holes out, I just wrapped the edges with this foil tape stuff you can find in stores near duct tape, which actually kept the cellophane in place before I spray painted it all.

No pictures shown, but the back of the condom wrapper has the same plastic piping taped to the box and covered with silver cellophane. I painted words on the back similar to what would be on the back of an actual condom wrapper using black t-shirt paint.

Condom Wrapper Costume

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