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Coolest Colonial Girl Costume

Hi everyone! When I was in fifth grade, we had Colonial Day. It was too late to order a costume, so my mom made me a homemade Colonial girl costume.

My hat was made of a cylinder-shaped pillow case tied with a black ribbon around my chin. I wore a black shirt and leggings. On top of my leggings, I wore a long, black skirt I borrowed from my Aunt. I wore a black jacket with antique buttons that I also borrowed from my Aunt. I wore my mom’s white lacy apron. I was wearing black, fancy shoes.

It was so hot in my costume! My friend borrowed it this year and she looked really cute! I probably should have worn the jacket OVER the apron. Silly me! I’m glad me, my mom, and my Aunt are creative. My mom and I are now good at sewing (that may come in handy…).

Good luck with your costume!

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