Coolest Colonel Sanders, Wendy and Ronald Mcdonald Halloween Costumes

I decided to theme all three of kids together as fast food Icons. We have Colonel Sanders, that I fashioned from an old pair of sunglasses with the lenses popped out, a red apron with a piece of a KFC biscuit box cut out for the KFC, a piece of black ribbon for the tie and the facial hair, that I created out of cutting the hair off another mask to make the little mustache and goatee.

Wendy is a red wig with new blue ribbons tied in. An old ugly dress underneath another dress that is actually a costume bought at a Halloween store but it is a dress for a slutty girl not a little toddler so it worked out good. The Wendy’s logo on the dress is cut off a Wendy’s plastic bag and glued on with fabric glue.

Ronald McDonald is a pair striped pajamas with an old Teletubbies costume over it with the legs cut down and the arms cut off. Then I glued the red fabric on the yellow jumpsuit for the final touches. Then I found the red shoes in a thrift store and they worked out great.

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  1. Love the costumes. I want to go as Wendy for a fund raiser costume party but do not like the wigs that are out there. Do you remember where you got the one for your costume?

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