I’ve been working on my daughter’s dress since March! I wanted to get it just right. I looked everywhere for just the right fabric and finally found it at an interior decorating place, but it was stretch velvet, which is impossible to sew.

So, I backed the entire thing with iron-on interfacing, which worked beautifully. There are also no known patterns for an “authentic” looking Cinderella dress, so I had to piece together a Sleeping Beauty skirt to a Snow White bodice. Then I changed the neckline, made up the sleeves and the “hip pillows.”

The slip was the hardest part. I put 15 yards of netting in there, but it just wasn’t big enough, so I bought some boning and it was strong enough to hold up this dress (it’s very heavy), so I bought a metal wreath that had 4 hoops in it. I took the loops apart. I cut some and pieced some and sewed them into the slip.

I even had to make the gloves! I bought them, but they were way too big, so I had to alter them quite a bit and by the time I was finished, I wished I had just made them from scratch!

I’m very pleased with the final product, but it was extremely difficult and time-consuming. But it only cost about $30 to make and it looks great, so I’m one happy mom! (

I also made costumes for the rest of my family. My son is Prince Charming, I am the Fairy Godmother, and my husband is the Duke (with the shoe on the pillow).