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Coolest Child Zombie Costume

My son wanted to be a zombie this year, but who wants an every day, run of the mill zombie? Not us!

I started with the shirt. We wanted blood and guts. I took one of his old shirts and cut out a circle. I used 2 pairs of pantyhose, cut them in 4 pieces (the legs) and stuffed them with Halloween decoration spiderweb material.

I then soaked the pantyhose intestines in red food coloring for 2 days. I took another old shirt and sewed on pantyhose. I drew red veins all over it and bunched it together to make it look like the intestines. We placed the shirt with the hole over it to make it look like the guts were falling out.

We took old jeans and ripped them apart at the bottom and random cuts in other places. Just be careful there’s not to many holes or their poor little legs will get cold when trick or treating. We laid the clothes on the ground outside and used red food coloring and splashed it all over the clothes. Food coloring WILL stain your hands…I still have it on me.

The makeup started with a green base, not evenly applied. Then we added the white, and smeared it all over. The black was applied thickly around the eyes. We added fake blood on his face and messed up his hair with hairspray.

This child zombie costume is not for the faint of heart. No child wanted to be next to my son, as soon as they saw him, they screamed and ran… though he did make out with more candy then normal. He loved it and the adults from the houses were amazed by it. We had a lot of requests for pictures.

This child zombie costume cost me about $8. The old clothes, we already had. The pantyhose were my old pairs and everyone has food coloring in their kitchen. All we had to by was the spiderweb, which you can find for a buck and the makeup was $7 at the local store. Super cheap and amazingly scary!

Coolest Child Zombie Costume 53

Coolest Child Zombie Costume 53

Coolest Child Zombie Costume 53

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