Coolest Chief Eagle Feather (from Peter Pan) Costume

Materials needed:
Light brown long-sleeved shirt
Green pants
White fabric (for gloves)
Blue and yellow felt (for neck piece)
Black wig (braided)
White face paint
Viking helmet
Poster board (dark and light blue, white, pink)
Black marker (for feather tips)

For Halloween 2011, we did a Peter Pan theme. My sister was our Chief Eagle Feather. This was a hoot to put together!

She wore a long-sleeved tan shirt, green pants and moccasins (all found at a thrift store – $10). I made the neck piece out of blue and yellow felt, pinned underneath her collar. I had to watch the movie/cartoon several times in order to get the dimensions accurate.

Her gloves were made from simple white fabric, traced around her hand and sewn. I added the fringe using more strips of white fabric, glued to the side of her glove.

For the headdress, I used a Viking helmet we already had (and used in our Zurg costume a few years ago), taped dark blue and pink paper to the front, and cut out about 50 feathers (from large to medium to small) out of white poster board. I colored the tip of every feather with a black marker and drew a line up from the bottom of each one to mirror an actual eagle feather. I taped each one on to the colored paper. That made it light enough to wear around all night.

We added a black wig, braided, and white face paint stripes on her cheeks. She looked SO great, just like the cartoon!

TOTAL TIME: 2 hours

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  1. That is the most ugliest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on and I’m not talking about the costume. The costume is ridiculous and sickening. Think I’ll dress as a white woman this year for Halloween. Put on a blonde wig, maybe some blue eyeshadow and some bright red lipstick for my big cocksuckers!

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