Coolest Cat in The Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costume

I try every year to get costumes together for all 3 of my kids. This year, it worked out perfect that I could make them all Dr Seuss, Cat in the Hat & Things 1 & Things 2 costumes.

I was able to get sweatpants and turtlenecks which worked for their outfits, then sewed on a piece of felt and then just back stitched thing 1 and 2 on the bellies. I did have red shoe covers for the things, however, they slowly came off throughout the night with the kids running around.

After much searching I did find blue pixie fairy wigs. I then got some blue spray to make them bluer as they were an agua color. It worked perfectly. I put some white paint on their faces to make them a bit more paler, and then gave them gloves to wear. Thing1 & 2 were a huge hit.

For the Cat in the Hat, I took a full length leotard and then hand stitched felt to the belly. I used a crushed velvet leotard so it looks more real. I then took a black sock and stuffed it-sewed it to the bottom of the leotard and used clear fishing line to attach the end of the tail up, so that it did not drag on the ground all night. I sewed a couple of pieces of fabric together, and made a big red bow to tie around her neck, and then gloves and some makeup.

I could not find a hat anywhere so I made it. With felt pieces and my sewing machine-without a pattern. I think it turned out Awesome-even better than a store bought one would have been.
I never buy costumes because they look so cheap, and just don’t have creativity in them.

Hope you like this one, and it is helpful to someone else.

Cat in the Hat Thing 1 and 2 Costume

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  1. For school my baby needed a Dr. Seuss outfit to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s upcoming 50th birthday, this is simple and helpful!!!

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