This cat costume was made for a Pet Palooza event at the library I work at. It took about 4 weeks to completely finish.

I sewed the bodysuit and hand painted it with reds, black and white fabric paint (same goes for the gloves). Easiest way to paint it was to stuff the bodysuit with a ton of plastic bags and hang it. Found that a fan brush works the best to get the proper looking fur strokes. Oh and make sure you water down the paint. I used Tulip fabric paint which is more of a puffy paint and I wanted it more like a dye. Let it dry completely before you start adding anything on to it. Then I got black and red fluffy trims and layered them onto the shoulder area of the bodysuit. And I decided that a back zipper would be the easiest way to get in and out of it.

The tail was my favorite part to make. Got a thick cording, measured it to my desired length and tied yarn all the way up it (again using red, black and white colors). Make sure to leave enough cording at the top to make a loop. And add some glue to the bottom of the tail to keep the yarn from sliding down. I got a slighter thinner cording and used it as a belt, looping the tail through it.

I learned to crochet so I could make the legwarmers. Took 4 frantic days of crocheting. Granted I ran out of yarn so I starting just making a patchwork of whatever colors I had left over. And I started making up my own stitches to add the colors in. I’m surprised they didn’t fall apart. So I can give no real advice on crocheting except give yourself time to properly learn how to crochet before you dive headfirst into a project that has a deadline right around the corner. I found a perfect trim for the collar so all I added to that was snaps and a bell.

Which then leaves the wig, which by far was my least favorite part. I tore it apart and stitched it back up again so many times. Started by taking a pair of pantyhose and cutting the legs off, then stitched it up to make it a cap. Since I have a ton of felt, I used that to add on some flaps to conceal my ears. Next take yarn, measure it to your desired length (I wrapped yarn around a box that my checks came in and cut a bunch all at once. Though I trimmed it down considerably after that in the final stages of styling as well). I then took 2 pieces and tied them together in the middle.

Next you’re going to need to get the yarn furry-like. So brush it out, I used an unused flea brush that I randomly bought for my cat and forgot about. But it worked perfectly to make the yarn fluff out. Don’t panic like I did when you start to loose a lot of the yarn fibers, it all works out I promise you. Though I will warn you this process will take a loooong time and you’ll probably get carpal tunnel in the process. You’re going to need a lot of yarn. I bought a red, a black and a white one and I almost went through all it them. Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact yarn I used. I tried about 3 different ones before I found the one I liked best. I got it at Walmart and it was pretty cheap. It’s pretty chunky and the name might be Lionbrand Hometown USA. Don’t quote me on that.

I unraveled the braids before I started brushing it out as well, it seemed to make the brushing process a little easier. When everything is cut and brushed out, you’re ready to start attaching. Use the knot to start attaching it to the cap with hot glue. I have a Styrofoam head and I put aluminum foil underneath to keep the glue from melting my head. Place the colors how you like them and trim the yarn to how you like it. I used a ton of hair spray to keep everything styled how I wanted it.

Finished it off with some cat make-up and painting my nails black. Don’t pay attention to my library name tag. I don’t have any pictures without it.

There you have it! I think I got all the steps in. What’s nice about this is that you can be whatever color cat you’d like! It is time consuming and I did think about throwing the wig out the window many times, but the final result was well worth it. I think so at least.