Coolest Cat DIY Costume

This Cat Costume I went overboard with but I had a lot of fun. First I ordered a body suit(white) which I ended up spray painting (maroon, orange, yellow and black) as well as going over with permanent marker for detail on the outfit. I also sprayed some yarn which I sewed on the shoulders and used for the tail which tied around my waist.

I crocheted my hand warmers and leg warmers. The wig was silver originally which took forever to pin up and spray and then spray with the cans of same I used for the outfit. I used makeup from my kit and that made my Rumpleteazer outfit!

5 thoughts on “Coolest Cat DIY Costume”

  1. Great costume! Very creative and original for sure. I’m trying to find out how I can accomplish your look, but I’m not sure on what make up to get for the white and yellow you used on your face. I’m also not familiar with yarn at all, so how easy is it to sew it to a bodysuit? I love the idea, and though I’m a guy, I will try to accomplish the same look as you. Love the colors.

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