Coolest Cat Homemade Costume

I made this cool cat costume for my 10-year old daughter’s choreography competition. I cut out the breast piece, fur cuffs and “skirt” from fake fur and then sewed it onto the leotard. A tip when working with the fake fur: when you have cut your pieces go around the edges with a zig-zag stitch, otherwise the fur tends to keep on falling out.

For the skirt section I just used a rectangular piece of fur about 20cm wide and the length was long enough to fit around her hips. For the cuffs I cut out two pieces that fit around her wrists and were about 10cm wide.

The headpiece was made by wrapping a feather boa around an Alice band (that had ears on already). I just pasted the ends of the boa to the end of the Alice band. Unfortunately the headpiece fell off during the dance, so if you are planning to use it for dancing I would suggest securing it to the hair with hairpins.

The tail was another piece of feather boa, pinned to the back of the leotard with a bow at the top and the bottom.

We were both really happy and she won the competition for her age group, which made it even more successful.