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Coolest Captured Gretel in a Cage Costume

I made this Halloween Homemade Captured Gretel in a Cage Costume to wear at my daughter’s school. I wanted something scary but not too scary for children so I decided to be Gretel from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. It was easy to make and people loved it. I started with 2 pieces of cardboard for the top and bottom of the cage. I cut out a half circle in the bottom of the “cage” that fit snugly on my waist. I hot glued pieces of corrugated cardboard rolled into a tube to both the top and bottom for bars. I stuffed an old witch’s costume with towels and bought witch’s tights. I bought a plastic witch’s mask and plastic eyes (meant for pumpkins) and hot glued them into the eye sockets and then hot glued the head to the top of the “cage”. I found fake arms in a Halloween store that worked wonderfully well! I pinned the top to the costume and glued the hands to the “cage”. I used a pair of old kid’s size pants and shoes for Gretel. I hot glued the pants and shoes into place. The overalls were adult short overalls which I just cut the legs out so it would look like a skirt.

I put the cage on my waist and slipped my shoulders through the bars, then let the cage rest on my hips and back. This was great because it left my arms free! I could hold on for effect or not if I needed to hold something else.

Homemade Captured Gretel in a Cage Costume

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