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Coolest California Roll Sushi Boy Costume

When thinking of what to make my son last year for Halloween, I wanted something unique and fun. While I was pregnant with him, I always craved my favorite sushi- California Rolls! So, what better costume than a California Roll?!

This entire costume was made with foam that you can buy at your local craft store. To make the body, I used a long piece of rectangular foam and cut out a place for his arms and head. Then, I cut out two circles as the body. The “sushi filling” was also made out of foam. I cut out shapes of the avocado, crab and cucumber and painted it the appropriate colors. The rice pieces were foam that I cut out individually.

I first hand sewed the two round big foam pieces to the longer rectangular piece. Then, I sewed the “sushi filling” on by hand as well. Lastly, I hand sewed each grain of “rice” to the front and back of the body. I could have also used craft glue or a glue gun, but I felt more secure sewing on each piece, so that the likelihood of any pieces falling were slim to none.

To top off the look, I bought a piece of red felt and cut it so it looked like a soy sauce packet. I drew the packet logo and glued it to the felt. Lastly, I sewed the corners of the felt together so it could be used as a hat.

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31 thoughts on “Coolest California Roll Sushi Boy Costume”

  1. thanks soo much. It was a week away from Halloween and I had no idea of what to be for Halloween. Thanks you saved me from a nightmare!!

  2. I love your costume! Today I’m going to buy the material and make it for my friends fancy dress party! I hope it’s going to come out well!

  3. I saw this picture on another website and I have been searching the internet ALL DAY to find out how it was made! Thank you for posting the instructions! I can’t wait to make it for my 3 year old this Halloween :)

  4. This is incredible! I’ve always been such a fan of homemade costumes. So, is that dark green or black duck tape that surrounds the while thing? How did you get that look?

  5. I see that this costume was posted in 2008 and yet i see no response to any of the comments posted. Which foam was used? Is the black outer rim made with duct tape? what paint was used?
    I want to make this for my baby but i wish someone had some more details

  6. you could have some more detail on how to make the costume because i want to make it for my daughter, and you did an awesome job! the costume is soooooo cute!!!!

  7. I’ve recreated this costume last year for my daughter.
    It came out amazing and we got rave reviews on it.
    My husband and I dressed up as sushi chefs to complete the look.
    We also made huge, life-size chopsticks that we carried around with us.
    It was terrific!
    I would be willing to sell the costume and accessories.
    You can contact me at simiweinstock1@gmail.com
    I will be happy to provide pics.

  8. Is there any way I could pay you to make me an adult sized one of these by Halloween this year?

    Email me if you’re interested!

    Comment if you are not able to please.



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