When thinking of what to make my son last year for Halloween, I wanted something unique and fun. While I was pregnant with him, I always craved my favorite sushi- California Rolls! So, what better costume than a California Roll?!

This entire costume was made with foam that you can buy at your local craft store. To make the body, I used a long piece of rectangular foam and cut out a place for his arms and head. Then, I cut out two circles as the body. The “sushi filling” was also made out of foam. I cut out shapes of the avocado, crab and cucumber and painted it the appropriate colors. The rice pieces were foam that I cut out individually.

I first hand sewed the two round big foam pieces to the longer rectangular piece. Then, I sewed the “sushi filling” on by hand as well. Lastly, I hand sewed each grain of “rice” to the front and back of the body. I could have also used craft glue or a glue gun, but I felt more secure sewing on each piece, so that the likelihood of any pieces falling were slim to none.

To top off the look, I bought a piece of red felt and cut it so it looked like a soy sauce packet. I drew the packet logo and glued it to the felt. Lastly, I sewed the corners of the felt together so it could be used as a hat.