Coolest Buzz Lightyear Costume

I decided on a Homemade Buzz Lightyear Costume for Halloween. I began my costume by purchasing a white painters suit from a local hardware store. It was the perfect ‘base’ for the costume. I cut off the elastic ankles. I purchased neon green acrylic paint and painted green around the ankles. I wore a black shirt over the painters suit to match the black on Buzz’s costume. I purchased white gloves from a Halloween store.

I used two pizza boxes to create the torso of the costume. I taped them together and cut out two arm holes. This was the basis of the space suit covering the torso. I purchased white vinyl material from the local craft store and covered the torso in it. I made 3-D sections that raised off of the space suit using cardboard covered in white vinyl.

I used the neon green paint and purple paint to add color where necessary. I also used cardboard to make the arm sleeves that you see Buzz wearing. Again, I covered each arm sleeve with the white vinyl material and painted it as necessary. I attached a lazy pointer, covered in vinyl to use as my laser beam.

I built the wings out of sheets of cardboard. Attached to each end I used a paper towel roll. I purchased two plastic eggs from the store, and used each half to cover the ends of the paper towels rolls and again, painted everything to match accordingly.

I created the green belt out of cardboard wrapped in vinyl material and painted green. I also took a pair of slip-on shoes and covered them in white vinyl. I painted the shoe covers to appear as space boots.

Lastly, I used a second painters suit and cut the leg off to make my head covering. I used the opening of the leg for the opening where my face would come out, and I used tape to shape the piece of material to my head. I then painted the entire head covering purple.

Homemade Buzz Lightyear Costume

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