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Coolest BumbleBee Transformers Costume

Here is my attempt at the Homemade BumbleBee Transformers Costume. The suit is made for my little girl who is 4. This build took roughly 30 hours and I’m very glad its finished. Well almost, I have to draw an Autobot symbol on the head.

Materials needed are as follows:
1) Cardboard for templates
2) Lots of packing tape
3) Metal Flashing Tin
4) Rivet Gun and Rivets
5) Can of yellow, black and silver spray paint
6) 2 Metal tubes
7) 4 feet of nylon rope
8) Velcro straps
9) Bubble wrap for padding
10) Hot Glue gun
11) A child with mucho patience

Cost was around $120.00 without labor.

I began, cutting cardboard shapes roughly to fit my little girl. After a couple of days of cutting begging my four year old to stand still while I placed all this ridiculous cardboard on her, we had a template. I then used the cardboard as a template for the tin. After many evenings of cutting, bending, riveting and painting we had ourselves a BumbleBee suit.

I hope you enjoy it.

Homemade BumbleBee Transformers Costume

Homemade BumbleBee Transformers Costume

Homemade BumbleBee Transformers Costume

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