My boyfriend is totally in love with the Transformer movies, and so I decided this year I would make a homemade Bumblebee Transformer costume. A lot of people doubted that it would actually transform and look cool, but I did it. It took me a lot of cardboard, glue sticks, duct tape, and THE DOLLAR TREE!

I started with the top of the car, and worked my way to the front, and lastly I did the doors (using the hard poster board). For the headlights I used flashlights, and smaller book lights. When standing up, it looks like a transformer, especially with the mask (that I did buy) and when you lay down flat on the ground it is a CAR!!! A CHEVY CAMARO! It looks a lot like one, I had to model it after the pictures on the internet.

The total cost was around 75 dollars, because of the cardboard slabs I had to buy, the posterboard for the flaps, the wheels were made of pans, glitter, glue, tape and mask. For the “windows” – I painted them black, but put a clear wrapping paper over it, to give it a sort of shine.

Everyone thought my Bumblebee Transformer Costume was the coolest thing ever, and I was so proud of it because it took a lot of hard work. It is a two piece costume, one is strapped to the back, and the other just comes over the head, where you can hold onto the flashlights for support.