Coolest Bumble Bee Baby Costume

I made this Bumble Bee Baby Costume for my 18mo son. I took a white onesie and dyed it yellow by adding turmeric spice to a bowl of water and soaking for several hours. Then I hung it to dry thoroughly to set the color, rinsed it well, and dried it again. I used electrical tape for the black bee stripes, three strips of tape for each wide stripe.

However, the onesie didn’t stretch with tape on it and was hard to get on and off, so black fabric paint might have worked better. I ended up having to reposition the tape with my son wearing the costume. I used the black tape for the stinger too.

The wings were cut out of a scrap of window screen fabric and stuck in under the electrical tape. I made them kind of small so my son wouldn’t grab and pull on them. He wore black pants with this.

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