Coolest Bucket Truck Halloween Costume

Our son wanted a Power Company bucket truck Halloween costume. (His costumes usually involve some kind of vehicle.) We took a box (24X16”) for the body, and painted it white (you could use any color). The boom was made using two rectangular boxes (20X6X5 ½”).

Kevin connected the two end flaps with clear packing tape so that the boom had a hinge in the middle. These were also painted white. The bucket was made with another rectangular box (9 1/2X6X8), attached to the top section of the boom with more packing tape and then painted white. Kevin added compartments, door handles and lights on the sides and back of the truck using markers and paint.

Dory fashioned customized company logos (Hubbard Electric-“We’ll Give You a Charge!”) using a printing program. Logos were placed on both sides of the boom and the back of the bucket. The whole creation slid onto the dumper bed of our son’s Gator. He dressed in blue shorts and shirt, safety vest, hard hat, and tool belt.

Dory made two extra company logos for the hard hat and shirt pocket.