I created a Bride of Frankenstein DIY Halloween costume. It took a long time finding just the right vintage nightgown at my local thrift store. For a more intense effect, I used my chapel length train from my first marriage wedding dress (great way to reuse a wedding dress after the divorce ladies) as a long draping, dragging cape. I had a great time with makeup and fangs.

The end result was a sexy, wicked bride of Frankie! Dozens of friends and neighbors stopped by my haunted house to take a picture with me. My husband dressed in an old sweater and mask of Franky. We were definitely the hit of our block.

The cost for my costume was $11 for the nightgown $15 for hair and $3.00 for fangs. Train from the cape dragging on the floor made for a very spooky and eerie effect. Only downside to this was all the kids running behind me, stepping on my cape and chocking me. The cape ended up ripping in a few places which only increased the aged look of the costume and made it even spookier! All in all, it was the most fun I’ve had creating a costume.