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Coolest Boo from Monster’s Inc. Baby costume

I asked my 3 year old son what his 1 year old sister should be for Halloween. He said, “A monster.” Which makes sense since she tends to make a lot of growling, monster-like noises. Their aunt happened to be with us that day, and she suggested that I make a Boo Costume from Monster’s, Inc. since my little girl looks very similar to the girl in the movie. Inspired, I went to our local fabric store (JoAnn’s). I bought:

A pack of styrofoam balls ($1.99)

White fabric with little ball pattern, 1.5 yds ($3)

Lavendar colored crushed velvet fabric 2 yds ($6)

A matching spool of lavendar thread, rayon ($4)

White, chenille covered stems, aka pipe cleaners ($3)

Ball of fuzzy baby blanket yarn ($2.99)

One white square of quilting cotton fabric ($1.99)


I also needed 2 buttons, quilt batting, about 1 yd, sewing scissors and pins, which I already had on hand at home.

I don’t have a functional sewing machine, so I did this all by hand. It took about 8 hours of sewing and a whole lot more time just thinking about the best way to actually make the costume work.

Basically I wound up using 2 rectangles for the front piece. I put a layer of the batting in between and stitched it together to make the quilted look in front. I took a much longer rectangle piece and used that for the back/hood which is all one piece. I folded over the top of the hood about 1 foot, put a layer of batting in, and didn’t sew the sides shut so I could make adjustments when I was closer to being done.

I cut a rectangle the size of the front piece and used that to sew batting onto the back panel to make the quilted look on the back of the costume. Then I cut pieces of the white material into arm/leg shapes sewed them together. I sewed the front and back pieces together leaving room for arm holes. I couldn’t figure out what to do about the bottom of the costume.

I ended up making little drawstring pants for her to wear, so all I had to do was drop the costume over the top of her head. Then I made a mop out of the white yarn and took the spare pipe cleaners and made a horseshoe shape out of braided ones. I stitched it onto the top of the costume so I could use it to attach the eyeballs and make them stand upright. Then I sewed on the arm pieces. I cut out little teeth and sewed them to the hood and I closed up the opening I had left for adjustments.

I colored the eyeballs with markers and put them on top of the pipe cleaners, and twisted onto the top of the costume. Then I put on the mop, I just tied a few strands to the pipe cleaner anchor I had made. Then because my little girl is small, I made straps and sewed them into the inside so the whole thing doesn’t slide right off her. I used two buttons so the straps can be adjusted.

It’d take a lot less time doing it with a sewing machine and knowing what to do now. Totally worth it! everyone loved her costume. This costume would also fit on a much larger child.

Coolest Boo from Monster's Inc. Baby costume

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