Coolest Bob the Builder and Friends Costumes

So, as most kids, my 1 1/2 year old son wouldn’t wear his costume. So instead of making a fuss, my husband and I decided to do most of the dressing up. My son loves Bob the Builder (and I have to agree, it is pretty entertaining) and after he found a hardhat at a recycled fashions shop, we decided Bob it was.

I’ve never been a creative type and I’ve always dreaded Halloween a bit because of it, but this year I was determined. I set out to SCRAP (a local reuse, recycle, shop) and loaded up on materials. I also bought a lot of yellow duct tape.

After my son went to sleep, and my husband too, I went to work. I cut everything out of cardboard (with a little help from the hubby) or plastic. With cardboard tubes I made the back scoop. After two weeks, I am amazed that the costumes in front of me ACTUALLY LOOKED LIKE the ideas in my mind.

For a very frustrated-always-hoping-to-be-creative-but-never-succeeding, this was a huge accomplishment. My costumes might not look super impressive or be incredibly creative, but to me, they are the MOST AMAZING costumes ever and I vowed that if they looked halfway decent I would litter the internet with their presence.

Coolest Bob the Builder and Friends Costumes 6

Coolest Bob the Builder and Friends Costumes 6

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  1. Way to go Bianca! You did a wonderful job :-)

    I think you should start comprehending the fact that you are an extremely creative person ;-)

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