Coolest Blue Mermaid Costume

This Blue Mermaid Costume is my third mermaid costume creation. Three kinds of fabric were used: stretchy bathing suit material for the lower torso, glowing blue raw silk for the tail, and irradescent material for the bra.

The bra is easy: make a tube of fabric, pleat the center and Velcro the two ends together at the back. I sewed plastic “invisible” bra straps over the shoulders.

The seaweed on the arms is a purchased piece of trim for pillows. (fabric store)

To make the lower torso, sew a skirt shape with a point at the middle of the hem in the front. Attaching the tail is the hard part: first, make a very long tube of the raw silk fabric with two layers of crinnolin stuffed inside the tube. Then, make a much smaller, empty tube with the same fabric for the top layer of the tail.
Attach them both, while creating gathers at the base of the “skirt.”

Trim waistline with stretchy sequin belt, also sold as trim at fabric store. Also works with pink fabric and green fabric, which can be very economical if purchased after St. Patrick’s day!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting! This was the inspiration for my 2 year old daughter’s mermaid costume I just completed. It was my first sewing project and this really wasn’t too hard…except getting the bottom tube wide enough but not too long as to not trip on it. (-

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