My name is Kaila, I’m 8 years old and made this Blue Macaw (Jewel) costume from the Movie Rio with my grandma and grandpa. First I cut the brim off my brother’s baseball hat (he still doesn’t know) and spray painted it blue. Then I took the handle off one of my brother’s plastic swords (ha, he doesn’t know that either) and covered it with paper, painted it black and had my grandpa use screws to attach it to the hat.

I then added feathers to the back of the hat using a hot glue gun, a flower to the side of the hat using a safety pin and glued on felt eyes that I made with markers. I then took some white angel wings and spray painted them blue. For the tail feather I bought two 2 foot long feathers, spray painted them blue and attached them to a belt using a hot glue gun. When I wear it I hide the belt under my shirt.

The best part of building this costume was getting to do the project with my grandparents. I also enjoyed doing the spray painting.

The funniest part is that my brother has no idea the hat is his and the sword handle is my beak. Luckily, because he is in first grade he can’t read that well so I think my secret is safe for a while.

My friends think the costume is so cool and original and I absolutely love it. I’ m a big fan of Blue Macaws!