Cool Black Swan DIY Costume

I decided to do Black Swan this year since it’s one of my movies. I got a black corset and sewed on feathers along the bottom and top right corner. I then added crystal beads to the left of the corset to make it look like the movie. I also added crystal beads to the left side of the tutu to get it as close to the original.

To complete the Black Swan look, I got some white tights and a black tiara. For the makeup I used a white cream based makeup all over my face to create the stoned look. Then I used black liquid eyeliner to draw the detailed eyes. I added silver shadow in between the black lines. I added red devil contacts to portray Natalie Portman’s eyes in the movie. I also added a feather detail to my arm.

Coolest Black Swan Costume

Coolest Black Swan Costume - Feather addition

Coolest Black Swan Costume - Added bead work

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