My daughter Emily loves all birds,and asked me to make her a bird costume. I searched home-made bird costumes, and found this site.

At first I was overwhelmed at the costumes of all the birds, since they looked so hard to make. I thought about it, and came up with my own idea.

I went to Michael’s craft store and got a Hanes long sleeved shirt, multi-colored felt squares, pink and white feather boas, and I found a pink feather clip for her hair at Michael’s also.

I started off by sewing one pink square to the bottom of the sleeve and to the side of the shirt. I then cut out feather shapes out of all the colored felt. I hot glued them on the pink felt squares and also on the front of the shirt. I sewed the feather boa’s on the neck, cuffs, and back of the shirt, to make a tail.

I took an old pair of stretch pants that she grew out of, and also sewed the feather boa’s on the bottoms of the legs. It took me one night to do, and I was so proud of myself for how it came out.

Emily loved it, and so did everyone who saw her. A big thank you to this wonderful site, for giving people the inspiration to make something they thought they never could make.