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Coolest Big Bad Wolfie DIY Dog Costume

Lennon is our 7 mo. old German Shepherd. He is a good sport and loves to dress up…

Process: I went to the thrift shop and purchased red material for my cape and skirt, ribbons from dollar store and wicker basket also from thrift store for $1. Lennon’s bed dress is a La Senza night shirt with the sleeves cut off to make his bonnet with the lace. He also is wearing a pair of round granny glasses which is didn’t even mind wearing!! Amazing.

Woodsman (my hubbie)- old cap, plaid shirt he had in his closet. The plastic axe bought at the Dollar store.

The props: Home Sweet Home I typed up and put in a thrift shop frame. Doily on the window ledge and pictures I had here at my house…. Quilt I also had from my real grandmother.

It’s all in fun and we had a great time setting up the scene and took many pictures to get the best ones.

Picture taken by my son with our Iphone 4.

Cheers Cindy C.

Big Bad Wolfie DIY Dog Costume

Big Bad Wolfie DIY Dog Costume

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Big Bad Wolfie DIY Dog Costume”

  1. Enjoyed the artistic and originality of this Little Red Riding Hood story. The scene was very well played out for the photo and appropriate for this time of Halloween.

    My compliments…

  2. Cindy & Grant the pictures are great! I can tell you – had a lot of fun setting the whole scene up. You are so fortunate to have such a cooperative “Grandma”, your dog Lennon!

    Congratulations, it really looks great. What a fun thing to do for Halloween!!!

  3. It is the total package here – thought out 100% from the costumes to the props! And the fact that items were purchased from Goodwill and Dollar Store and also found around the house is a great model for us all.

    The pup is precious and what a good actor!


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