Lennon is our 7 mo. old German Shepherd. He is a good sport and loves to dress up…

Process: I went to the thrift shop and purchased red material for my cape and skirt, ribbons from dollar store and wicker basket also from thrift store for $1. Lennon’s bed dress is a La Senza night shirt with the sleeves cut off to make his bonnet with the lace. He also is wearing a pair of round granny glasses which is didn’t even mind wearing!! Amazing.

Woodsman (my hubbie)- old cap, plaid shirt he had in his closet. The plastic axe bought at the Dollar store.

The props: Home Sweet Home I typed up and put in a thrift shop frame. Doily on the window ledge and pictures I had here at my house…. Quilt I also had from my real grandmother.

It’s all in fun and we had a great time setting up the scene and took many pictures to get the best ones.

Picture taken by my son with our Iphone 4.

Cheers Cindy C.