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Coolest Bender from Futurama Costume

I built this Bender from Futurama costume from scratch, mostly stuff from a surplus supply store, Lowes and Hobby Lobby. It took me 2 weeks to complete working on it every day after work. I actually see through the teeth area, and the top of the antenna is 7’10” tall.

There is a battery operated fan mounted inside the top of the head to keep it cool inside, and the door on front opens to reveal a beer holder inside. For those of you that have seen the show Futurama you will know that Bender loves his beer.

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9 thoughts on “Coolest Bender from Futurama Costume”

  1. Your is the best costume i have seen for bender. I need to know exactly how you made it. My son wants to be bender for Halloween…. Can you email me or some sort of how in detail you made it?


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