Coolest Beheaded Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume

We saw the idea of a Beheaded Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume on the internet and went on to make our own version. We went to second time around shops and found some lace material, along with other pieces to build the dress.

We built the upper part of the body using an old manican piece that I had and we cut off the shoulders (that was hard). We then used PVC pipe to build the piece to sit on the shoulders. The makeup was kind of easy. The blood was kind of outrageous. We bought the liquid blood and splashed it all over me once the costume was built. The problem there, the blood was dripping all night. I brought an extra bottle with me to have a true affect. We had to build the costume right onto me for it to fit well.

The biggest problem we had was that it was too tall to fit into the car. I had to sit in the back of an open bed truck (that was fun).

The costume was a total success. Everyone loved it and was totally amazed. I entered a couple of small contests and won. But I really enjoyed taking photos with other people the most.