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Coolest Homemade Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Here’s a costume I started in 2006 and finally finished in 2008. I’ve worn it on two Halloween nights and the response has been awesome – for which I am very grateful! The kids just love it because the carousel lights up and rotates, plus the hammer hands are really long and huge…I’m like a circus!

Here’s some info about the construction:

* There are 225 individually wired LED lights.

* There are at least 600 hand-soldered points in the wiring.

* The entire suit was painted by hand.

* The carousel headpiece is made out of foam-core board, paper, adhesive and paint.

* The hammers and arms weigh 4 lbs each.

* The headpiece weighs 4.75 lbs.

* The hammers are constructed using a foam frame, and then wrapped around with paper. A long aluminum rod is inside the arms, supporting the hammers.

* The lights and motor are powered by a battery pack worn on the lower back. The battery pack weighs 9.5 lbs.

* In order for the top of the carousel to rotate while maintaining power to the LEDs in the top section, there is a custom made ‘track’ of copper sheeting that is always in contact with multiple wire brushes, so power is constantly supplied to the lights above as it rotates.

* The entire outfit took more than 200 hours to make — spread out over a couple of years. It began as a basic costume, then evolved into a more elaborate project.

I hope you enjoy it – sure was fun to make!

Beetlejuice Costume

Beetlejuice Costume

Beetlejuice Costume

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15 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Beetlejuice Halloween Costume”

  1. Wow, dude that’s awesome

    I love that someone put that much time into a costume! Makes me feel less alone in my passion for costumes! XD

    Seriously Good Job =D

  2. of all the beetlejuice costumes I think yours took the cake! Its my favorite movie ever since I was a little kid n im 30! awesome!

  3. awesome !!!
    I would love to chat with you, please contact me my facebook is: Yamata no shermye crimson, I will make beetlejuice and I have some doubts.


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