Coolest Beetlejuice DIY Costume for an Adult

This Beetlejuice Costume was made with all Goodwill purchased clothes, a black blazer with 6 hrs of painting. A Shock Treatment Wig from Party City, spray painted with Ochre and Lime Green spray paint. Had to use masking tape to make the stripes, then go back and hand paint the boo boos.

The white stripes were interior flat latex. I researched what made the costume look more legit compared to others who did the same, specifically  using dead toned gloves, ocher in the face paint, not using a cheap looking official Beetlejuice wig. I went through two wigs. One was a Don King wig that didn’t work. The Shock Treatment was the best because it was an all white pallet.

I kept roaches and snakes in my pockets to hand to the passers by. It was great!!! I was the Meemcee for a the LadyCreech Band Deadman’s Party. I did a mock Universal skit and threw in some ad-lib. I also sang Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give it Away Now,” Cameo “Word up” and the Chili Peppers cover for “Love Roller Coaster.”


With my little friend

On Stage playing a Shekere

Meemcee in the house