Coolest Beetlejuice Costume

My brother asked me to make him a Beetlejuice costume for a Halloween party he was going to, he asked me the day before so I did not have much time.

I took a black suit that he already owned and painted the white stripes down it. I copied a photo from the film off the internet – this took me ages and it took a long time to dry, in fact it was still wet when my Brother put it on.

I got a granny wig that was platted as it was the only one that I could find that would work. I took out the plaits and cut it to make it resemble the real hair of beetlejuice, I then sprayed it with white hair spray and also added green and black face paint to it.

For the face I used white face paint and covered the whole face, I then used black around the eyes and red lipstick. I also used black and green around the top of the head and down the side of the face and on the neck.

My brother wore a cream shirt and black tie to complete the look.

He won the competition at the party. Total time taken was a whole day and it cost about $20 as all I had to buy was the wig and white hair spray as I already had the rest of the stuff needed.

6 thoughts on “Coolest Beetlejuice Costume”

  1. BRILLIANT! Ive been looking for costumes online, but even the “officially licensed” stuff didn’t look like the movie. Painting a suit lets me make it how I want to.

  2. I got all the stuff to make the costume. I bought all the supplies from the thrift shop and dollar store :O for 12 dollars total. I just need the wig now. Thanks for the great ideas :)

  3. Masking Tape in 1 1/2 width works really well too. I took an old suit that was used for Frankenstein & taped 2″ strips down the whole thing. LOOKS GREAT! plus I don’t have to ruin the suit with paint.

  4. I recommend fabric paint. It worked best for me. You have to get the kind that you have to brush or sponge on though. Spray paint just soaks into the pants.

  5. tape is a must for accurate lines, then wrap a plastic garbage bag in rags and place them into the sleeves/legs/body – this keeps both sides from sticking together and allows the paint to dry quickly.


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