Coolest Beer Costume

Well wanting to be something original, and not believing in store bought costumes, my friend and I were thinking of possible costumes that would make people laugh. After some thinking and a few beers our creative juices began flowing and then… BAM, the idea struck. Duh, let’s be beers.

Being from Boston, and loving beer, what a better way to express both loves than by being Sam Adams Variety Pack. We began our beer costume with creating our specialized labels and having the commonality of Mr. Sam Adams on our label. I was Cranberry Lambic Sam Adams, and my partner in crime was the Winter Lager Sam Adams.

We both came with bottle caps and were beaded with “Special Brew”. The costumes were sewn and hot glued with our accessories which appromixately took 10 hours of straight working. (Yes, last minute Halloween costume making, we happen to work best under pressure). When asked what happened to the other 4 beers, we just explained that we drank them before our arrival, which to everyone that knows us was no surprise at all.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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