Coolest Batman and Robin Halloween Costumes

The Robin costume was made from thrift store items. This involved many trips to countless stores to find the right items to fit my son. There were many tears shed with tired kids in the carts and lots of begging every time we past the toy section. It’s amazing how hard it was to find bright green stuff. The long sleeve green shirt has a Christmas tree on it. In the end we used green soccer socks for the green pants. The cape I think was from another costume at the thrift store. That actually was a lot harder to find than I thought since I needed a really small cape that he wouldn’t trip over.

The belt is made out of cut yellow foam then glued with fabric glue. The mask is trimmed from a bigger mask. The red shirt was embroidered to have the “R” and yellow stitches on it. Then the sleeves were cut off.

The Gotham backdrop is a screen grab done in Photoshop. The batman costume was bought since I was so busy making the Robin costume and my Joker costume… So this really is about the Robin costume. But they looked so good together I decided to show both. My sons loved their costumes and wore them everyday in the month of October.

Batman Costume

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  1. This is so awesome…I am so glad I saw your pic! I have a 4-year old and a 6-mo old and they are going to be Batman and Robin and your pic definitely helps me.
    Thanks…I am so excited!


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