Coolest Batman and Robin Child Costumes

The Batman and Robin costumes I made were simple and inexpensive, not to mention mostly reusable. They start with a set of gray and black thermal underwear, tops and bottoms. Then I added black and green brief underwear on top of the thermals. Next I added black gloves, tube socks, and stocking cap for Batman, and a cut-off red t-shirt with green socks for feet and hands (I couldn’t find green gloves) for Robin.

The logos were downloaded from the internet and printed on iron-on paper, then cut out and ironed onto the shirts. I used fabric paint for the yellow laces on Robin’s shirt. I cut out capes from costume satin material bought for $2.50 a yard and held together with stick-on velcro tabs. Then I used black face paint for Robin’s mask.

They were comfy, warm and cuter than the store-bought versions. AND received lots of compliments!