This Barrel of Monkeys Halloween Costume I made when my son was 5. I just took some light brown material and created a cylinder out of it. You can hot glue or sew. Took 4 rings of metal (2 different sizes) and glued and stitched the metal inside the material. From top to bottom, small, large, large and then small.

I hand painted the logo and wood grain onto the material, to make it look more like a barrel. I bought two $1.00 squeaky monkeys from Target (dog toys) and quickly sewed them to two shoulder straps that I had attached to the top of the barrel. I then bought a brown hoodie and created a little hood out of brown furry material. You could just attach some homemade ears to the hood of the hoodie. It was an idea that we got from a store bought costume that we saw on the internet. We just made it our own.