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Coolest DIY Barrel of Monkeys Costume

This year I had a Homemade Barrel of Monkeys Costume for Halloween. I work with kids and thought that this would be a great costume for our Halloween party. This was one of the easiest costumes I have made, but everyone that saw it LOVED it! I used two “Keg Tubs” (12 Gallon rope handle buckets) and red duck tape. I cut the bottom of each tub out and I cut off the rope handles. Before taping the buckets I connected the two to each other using the holes from the rope handles and some nuts and bolts. I put one tub on top of the other and covered them with red duck tape.

After the entire “barrel” was covered in vertical strips of duck tape I put one horizontal strip around the middle of the barrel (where the two buckets sat on each other). I cut two slits in the front and two in the back and used a pair of old fireman suspenders to hold up the barrel. I attached the suspenders to the barrel with zip ties. I used a magic marker to write barrel of monkeys on each side of the barrel and then I drew three monkeys on a cardboard box and cut them out, painted them red, and hung/taped them to the barrel.

To top off the costume I wore all red and a sock monkey hat so that I was one of the monkeys in the barrel.

Homemade Barrel of Monkeys Costume

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