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Coolest Banana Halloween Costume

I hand stitched every last stitch on each of these costumes. It took me a very long time but was well worth the effort.

The banana Halloween costume was an ongoing project that was changed several times when I discovered one way wouldn’t work, or the foam would fall if it were held up a certain way. It is hard to describe step by step since many steps were changed along the way. I basically cut felt material into oblong shapes that measured to the length my daughter would need.

The strips were hand stitched together with an opening for her face and for her legs and along the back edge so she could get in and out easily. For the opening I stitched on small strips of fabric that could be tied closed. I added brown material to become the top and bottom and painted brown paint along the edges of the banana to look a bit more natural. After the outer shell was complete I cut foam strips (found in any craft department) to fit inside the shell. This also provided insulation to help keep Ellen warm. I printed a “chiquita” label off the internet and used fabric glue to attach it.

Leaves were cut from green felt and stitched on to a green outfit purchased at my local store. I stitched brown strips on to the leaves to create the “veins” and help look more realistic. For the flower petals, purple fabric was sewed together and foam was fitted inside but I also put small wire around the outside edge to help the petals stand up. These petals were then stitched onto a wide piece of felt material that was used like a headband and tied around Madi’s head.

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