Coolest Ariel the Little Mermaid Costume

My friend’s five year old daughter wanted an Ariel the Little Mermaid Costume for Halloween, but did not like any of the Ariel costumes on the rack at any of the stores. I told my friend that I would see what I could do about making a costume she might like.

I got some green material from my mother’s house, some spray paint from my neighbors house, some foam sheets, some ribbon, some thermal material, glue gun, Velcro, etc. and set off working on making an Ariel costume. I printed off a picture of Ariel from the Disney website to work off of.

I was surprised to find that my friend’s daughter loved it, but so did my three year old daughter which posed a little bit of a problem. Needless to say, I made another Ariel costume with the leftover pieces for my daughter. They are both very happy with the costumes and that is all that really matters.