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Coolest Angel Halloween Costume

Firstly, for the Angel Halloween costume I bought the Angel accessories; wings, halo, and gold short dress. I made my daughter wear my white dress with ruffles.

Secondly,(the cloud)I got an air conditioner box and I cut and flattened it. I crumpled some newspapers and glued them on the flattened box. Then, I glued the pillow cottons on top of the crumpled newspaper (I glued newspapers first so I won’t use too much cottons). I left a spot in the middle so she can stand on it and so it looks like she’s standing on the cloud.I cut out three stars and wrap them with foil then glued them on the cloud.

Lastly is the Harp. I got a big cardboard and drew a harp and cut it out. I crumpled some newspaper and glued them around the harp to make it look fluffy, then I covered it with foil. For strings, I glued(using glue gun)some gold bendable wires on both sides(bought in walmart).I had to connect two wires because the wires were too short. Then, I put some glitters on the harp. I also showered my daughter with glitters so she would look sparkly.

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  1. This costume is really cool. I’ve been looking all over the web and have not seen anything like this. Very unique! i must say great job!


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