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Coolest Angel Costume

Well it took me about 4 months to create my homemade angel costume, especially the wings.

The angel’s wings I made out of a lot of white boas and white lace and white fluffy material from a stuffed bear I had. I bought the thin wire from Michaels, shaped it into the shape of angel wings then I put craft tape around the whole wire. Then to cover the angels wings I used a very thin white sheet and started gluing my boas to it and the white lace at the bottom.

The straps I sewed on for good support. My mom helped me do my corset because she is a very good seamstress. The skirt I made from sheer fabric and cotton. My white boots I bought them but I just glued on the fluffy fabric around the edges. My face make-up took about an hour to create and put on.

Homemade Angel Costume

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