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Coolest Amish Costume

It all started over a year ago, I went as Jesus and entered a contest on break.com. I received second place next to Billy Maze, poor guy. So this year I decided to push the spiritual envelope again. I was having trouble deciding how I was going to do it, but knew I needed to grow my hair and beard. My work and fiance provided a great amount of support as I went through some apperance changes.

I made my Homemade Amish Costume with natural things from me. First the beard: I grew it for 1 month before shaving it and molding it into an Amish looking beard. Secondly I grew my hair for more than a year just for Halloween. I found a pair of overalls, a blue shirt, an old outdoor hat and some black shoes. I put it all together and walla!

I’m Amish using a computer to send this to you!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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