Coolest Alien Kidnapper Costume

This Alien Kidnapper Costume came as a surprise when I arrived at an outer space costume party for my best friends birthday. I first made a backpack-like harness out of cardboard, a paper towel tube, tape, ribbon, and glue. I then put a black long sleeve t-shirt on top of it and stuffed the arms with stuffing.

I also attached a lime green balloon with black eyes drawn on with a permanent marker to be the head of the balloon (but if I did this again I would paper mache the balloon and then paint it green so it is more stable).

With the backpack-like loops I made, I was able to put this on my back and then put a black cape my friend lent me on top of it. I wore a long black skirt around my waist and safety pinned little girl pants that had been stuffed on to the skirt waist band.

For a top, I wore a little girls shirt that I bought from a thrift store and then safety pinned the arms around me. This costume was definitely a hit as people made ride a bike and jump around because they thought the optical illusion was so funny.