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Coolest Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds Costume

I wanted to think of something original, that if I went to the bar I wouldn’t see at least three of me walking around. Originally I wanted to be an airline stewardess that had got in a plane crash, and not survived. But then I watched the movie The Birds. And I thought how easy to make an Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds Costume!

First I went to my local thrift store and bought the closest green skirt and jacket outfit I could find. Yes, they didn’t match, but I thought people would get the idea. Then a black and white feather boa, which I ripped to shreds to hot glue them onto my outfit. I took scissors and ripped holes into the outfit, so that it looked like I got “pecked” at.

Next touch was to find fake birds, I was thinking small ones at first, and luckily I came across some black crows. I thought attaching those would be tricky, but I ripped out there legs, and again with the hot glue gun, just attached them to the outfit. The most expensive part was I had to buy a blonde wig, since my hair was red.

I added a bandage to my head, and a little bit of blood, and I’m Tippy from The Birds!

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