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Easy Homemade Adventure Time Finn Costume

Finn from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time is an easy costume! We already had a blue t-shirt, dark blue shorts, white socks, and black shoes. The hat is handmade, but I bought it off Ebay. If I were going to make the hat, I would simply have found a white beanie and added white fabric stuffed little horns to it.

I glued some gray felt on a plastic cutout of a sword and bought some green felt for the backpack. The store didn’t have light green felt, so I cut out an old kids’ towel and covered, glued, and hand-tacked a piece of foam with the it. I cut out strips of the fabric for the backpack straps and just quickly measured them against my kid’s school backpack. I glued a black circle of felt to resemble a button on the backpack. And the super easy and comfortable costume was a hit! The best part is that he will also be able to wear the hat for winter.

Easy Homemade Adventure Time Finn Costume

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