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Coolest Adventure Time Costumes for a Family

My daughter wanted to have an Adventure Time themed party, and with her birthday just ten days before Halloween, I made costumes for all of us.

Princess Bubblegum’s dress was handmade and had a separate peter pan color with a snap in front. Her hair was cut felt, and her crown was made from stiffened felt.

BMO (Beemo) had hand sewn felt pieces on a modified t-shirt (for better fit) the face parts had Velcro on the back and were interchangeable. The unused eyes and mouth stuck to the underside of the “screen” which was only sewn on at the top.

The Ice King wore a polyester housecoat-type robe I found at Goodwill. His crown was also stiffened felt, and the mask with the nose was fleece attached to the crown. Pieces of felt were sewn onto the crown for hair, and the beard/mouth was Velcro’d to the robe via little Velcro circles on both. Here, I learned that you *must* sew Velcro to fabric. The sticky-backed stuff just doesn’t work all night.

I was Fiona. Most of the costume was wardrobe: sky blue 3/4 sleeve top, blue running shorts (I didn’t want to wear a skirt), and thigh high white tights. The hat and hair was handmade from basic instructions found on the interwebs. The wind knocked down the ears in this photo, though. I fixed this problem by stuffing them with newspaper and some plastic straws. I made the backpack with fleece and felt hand sewn together.

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